quinta-feira, abril 16, 2009


Ehhhh!! Tks God is Thursday ;P
We've been waiting for RATATAT show, since we got the tickets about 1 month ago...
Yes, it's true....In Washington area, if you want to see a show, you have to be connected and buy tickets very quick when they announce it.

Fashion Curiosity: - "Wildcat" was played in background to the Printemps-Ete 2007 catwalk of Chanel.

terça-feira, abril 07, 2009



Everybody was ansiouxly waiting for the spring in North Hemisphere!
Here in DC it starts with Cherrie Blossom Festival.
People from every part of USA and also other countries come here to enjoy the beautifull view!! ;D
If you're allergic, avoid to visit Washington in this period.
It's better watch the blossom festival from your living room ;>