quarta-feira, julho 22, 2009


In this moment, actually, I'm in a french vibe...
I've been reading and watching everything about Karl Lagerfeld and his well known multiple talents: photography, haute-couture, filmaker, dj, etc...

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Metro watching a podcast and I saw a brazilian journalist friend of mine, Augusto Mariotti, behind Karl!! Look at him in the blue arrow!
He told me he spent about 2 hours to talk with him, and the "kaiser" was a gentleman
;^* - oui, monsieur!

I'm dying to see the Coco Chanel movie! Thanks God is coming soon ;D

In the mean time, I watched:

A Jean-Luc Godard vintage movie, the first one actually, launched in 1960...where Jean Paul Belmondo played an incredible bad guy.

Very good movie! An "animee" for adults - I'm still watching 'cause I love to do this...have the choice to watch whenever I want ....


The best TV program ever !! OK. It was in British TV, but was present by Jean Paul Gaultier and Antoine de Caunes both french & also hilariousss ;D

I used to watch in Eurochannel in Brazil in 90's, and I was really happy ;'D to find yesterday some episodes in You Tube.

Naomi, as usual in vogue, was using this AMAZING head jewelery, and a lovely tribal-colourful long dress. A kind of piece to have forever ;'v And look, it was about 15 years ago!

Warning: You can find some inappropriate content in the follow video, so please sorry...as the name says is euro & trash... :P

sábado, julho 04, 2009


The Godfather of Goth is touring in a Secret Cover Tour wich we discovered yesterday on a metro newspaper!! It was a true privilege! ;-0

BAUHAUS lives through Peter Murphy - a living legend of british gothic rock

As a Bauhaus fan, I was really excited when I saw him and listened his unusual guttural metallic voice ;-[o]

* The high light of the concert was when towards the end Bowie's Major Tom descended on stage.

Murphy left nothing to be desired for the original creator of the Ziggy Stardust ;>

We loved it!!! ;>