quarta-feira, julho 22, 2009


In this moment, actually, I'm in a french vibe...
I've been reading and watching everything about Karl Lagerfeld and his well known multiple talents: photography, haute-couture, filmaker, dj, etc...

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Metro watching a podcast and I saw a brazilian journalist friend of mine, Augusto Mariotti, behind Karl!! Look at him in the blue arrow!
He told me he spent about 2 hours to talk with him, and the "kaiser" was a gentleman
;^* - oui, monsieur!

I'm dying to see the Coco Chanel movie! Thanks God is coming soon ;D

In the mean time, I watched:

A Jean-Luc Godard vintage movie, the first one actually, launched in 1960...where Jean Paul Belmondo played an incredible bad guy.

Very good movie! An "animee" for adults - I'm still watching 'cause I love to do this...have the choice to watch whenever I want ....


The best TV program ever !! OK. It was in British TV, but was present by Jean Paul Gaultier and Antoine de Caunes both french & also hilariousss ;D

I used to watch in Eurochannel in Brazil in 90's, and I was really happy ;'D to find yesterday some episodes in You Tube.

Naomi, as usual in vogue, was using this AMAZING head jewelery, and a lovely tribal-colourful long dress. A kind of piece to have forever ;'v And look, it was about 15 years ago!

Warning: You can find some inappropriate content in the follow video, so please sorry...as the name says is euro & trash... :P